What is you reaction to see the picture above..?
What do you feel..? Surprise..? Shock..? be impressed..?

Yeah, when you haven't known who Lena is yet....you will feel shock….

So, Who is Lena

1. A Stiff girl….
Lena Maria Klingvall was born 1968 in Sweden without arms and with only one healthy leg, the other one half developed. She walks with an artificial leg.

She was 20 years old when she became known to the Swedish TV-viewers through the documentary called ‘Goal in Sight’.

Lena even said that she never complain because of her "unperfect " condition…..

2       A  multitalented woman….

Lena Maria learned how to swim when she was only three years old…!
 At the World Championship she took two gold medals and set two world records. The highlight of her swimming career was the Paralympic Games 1988 in Seoul, South Korea.

Singer and Musician…..
 1987-1991 Lena Maria studied at The Royal College of Music in. Since her examination she has been touring all over the world. In Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand she is most popular.

Lena Maria has been an artist in the Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Association since 1990. She is also engaged in different occasions to talk about human dignity, identity and life quality.

In 1996 Lena Maria wrote a book about her life called ‘Foot-Notes’. The book is translated and published in 14 different languages. Lena Maria has written a second book called ‘Happy Days’.
Lena Maria was during spring 1997 and fall 1998 host for a music show in the Swedish television.
1998 she was elected as the ‘Smalanning’ of the year. During spring 2005 she received an Honorary Citizenship of Taiwan and in August the same year she received the ‘Artur Erikson’ schoolarship
And guess what…..!!!
In 2009 Lena Maria held a speech at TED.com where other speakers like Bill Gates and Al Gore took part…!!...cool…….
So guys…what do you mourn over..? what make you sad and what make you give up so easily…???
From her lifestroy Lena has taught us that….
There's nothing perfect in this life… but by mourning over ourselves everytime we won't be able to solve our problems and be the real winner of the life…
So what do you waiting for..? Just get back you confidence and keep fight…!!!!!!

“I prefer to rejoice what I can do- not mourn what I can’t ” – Lena Maria

Jadi…siapakah Lena Maria…?
Anda yang belum mengetahui kisahnya pasti akan berdecak kagum pada ketegaran dan semangatnya……..
Bayangkan saja dengan keterbatasan fisiknya ia mampu meraih prestasi yang luar biasa…WOW…..!

Ia adalah seorang atlet renang internasional, penyanyi plus musikus, seniman, penulis buku, pembawa acara, samapi peraih beberapa penghargaan terkemukan di dunia..!
Nah, jadi apa yang kamu ratapi kawan…? Apa yang membuatmu sedih dan putus asa…???
Dari kisah hidup seorang Lena Maria….kita telah belajar bahwa tak ada yang sempurna di dunia ini….tak ada gunanya meratapi diri kita sendiri sepanjang hari…hal itu tidak akan dapat menyelesaikan masalah….
Jadi, percaya dirilah dan bersemangatllah…….

"Saya lebih suka beryukur atas apa yang dapat saya lakukan daripada meratapi apa yang tidak bisa saya lakukan"-Lena Maria

Source: http://www.lenamaria.com

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